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Integrative Medicine

Focus on restoration of health, healing oriented, medical care. Detailed history and insights into whole body, mind and life style with each appointment lasting up to an hour.

Weight Loss

Physician supervised, personalized approach to long term weight management. Body composition testing to get an accurate measure of your body fat is the first step towards optimal health.

Wellness & Nutrition

Weekly classes for nutrition counseling. Behavioral therapy, mind body classes and online support group. Personalized health management starts with your DNA.

Ask us about how Genetic testing can improve your health.

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Weightloss services are covered under major insurances and Medicare. Please call our office for more information.


Dr. Raman literally saved my life. I was admitted to the hospital with lupus related kidney failure. She has been with me since that first day. It was a long road and I am happy to say I am in remission and now only being seen every 6 months. She is knowledgeable, proactive in her care plan and has a very caring bedside manner. I would highly recommend her to anyone facing renal difficulties

— Marti Lunn in Rockwall, TX 

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