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About Us

Excel Health MD is an innovative medical clinic where traditional Medicine is combined with Integrative methods to improve health.  Our mission is to provide exceptional care with a passion for Wellness and Nutrition. 


With Dr. Raman's extensive training and a decade of experience, she is able to provide personalized treatments for a healthy and sustainable weight loss for even those with complicated medical conditions. 

Dr. Indrani Raman completed her Medical school training in India. She has done residency in Internal Medicine and later fellowship in Nephrology at University of Buffalo, New York. As a board-certified physician, she has been working as a kidney doctor for the last 12 years in private practice. She has redefined her career after recognizing that there is a need for doctors outside the current traditional care who can help patients with prevention of obesity and focus on healing and Wellness.


Dr. Raman has completed training as a fellow under the guidance of Dr. Andrew Weil with Arizona center for Integrative Medicine. She is also a certified diplomat in Obesity Medicine and can provide personalized and sustainable weight loss solutions.


Growing up as a child in India, she was always curious to learn about the common herbal home remedies that included holy basil, honey, ginger and turmeric that were given by her mother for treatment of various minor ailments. She was introduced to the practice of Yoga by her elder brother while in college. She has fond memories of many years of early morning rides taken with her brother to attend Yoga classes. She continues to practice Yoga regularly. She is also a Vipassana meditation practitioner and her other hobbies include playing Tennis and gardening. She is married and lives with 2 kids and a naughty dog.