Portion sizes matter!

If I could get a penny every time I heard someone say “Oh, I was so good with my diet last week, but the scale showed no change! “I would be a thousand dollars richer at least

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Meditation - Is it just a hype?

Meditation is a mind and body practice with origins dating back to several centuries in many cultures. Recently, there has been more focus on meditation with the emerging data proving its effectiveness in the treatment of chronic conditions.

Top 10 tips to fight holiday weight gain

Every year when Thanksgiving comes around, I start getting worried about gaining more weight in the holiday season. This is the time when our diet plans are at major risk. No worries, this year we can keep it under control with my Top 10 tips below.

Self Compassion

Self-compassion can be defined as being kind to yourself or driving the compassion directed inwards. It is important to realize this concept and start being kind to yourself and not criticize yourself harshly.

Turmeric - The Super Herb

Growing up in India, Turmeric is woven so much into our daily meals as a spice that we hardly think of it as anything special. Yet, it is a very important herb in our diet and Ayurveda has prescribed this for various ailments for 2000 years.