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Weight Loss Services


Body Composition Analysis

We have a state-of-the-art machine that can provide an accurate estimate of your body fat percentage. Knowing your body fat percentage is the first step towards optimal health and this will need to be monitored to as you lose weight to make sure you have not lost muscle and the visceral fat score is lowered. For this testing, you do not have to be a patient at the practice. We charge a fee of $50 for the first time and $25 for the subsequent ones which includes a detailed analysis report and discussion of 15mins with the provider.


Meal Replacement Products

We offer tasty high-grade medical quality meal replacement options that promote low carb and ketogenic diets. Several healthy choices for high protein chips, bars, snacks, smoothies and drinks are also available.


Grocery Shopping and Nutritional Tours

We provide grocery shopping tours in the local stores to discuss the various healthy nutritional options and education on reading the labels. This tour will be led by an experienced dietician. We offer these group tours once a month and will need to have 4 to 6 people signed up for the session. Please call the office to sign up if you are interested. The cost per person for the tour will be $35 and it will last between 60 to 90 minutes.


Lipotropic Injections

We also offer several types of lipotropic injections that are beneficial to provide boost of energy and increase in metabolism during weight loss.


Customized Menu Planning

For anyone following special dietary plans like Vegan, Paleo, gluten free, Anti-inflammatory and Autoimmune diet and many more, we can provide weekly meal planning under the guidance of the physician.

Genetic Testing

  This is the future for health management. By obtaining information about your personal Genotype we can figure out your ability to lose weight and body fat in response to different diet and exercise programs. This testing will include MTHFR gene presence, the utilization of the several nutrients by the body. There is also testing available for athletic performance and the progression of aging. If you have already done a 23 and me genetic testing there is a discount available. We can even mail the kit to you and telemedicine visit is offered if you are unable to visit the clinic. Please call the clinic for more details.


​Fasting Support

Dr. Raman is a part of the physician network with Doctor Jason Fung with Institute of Dietary Management. She can offer guidance and medical supervision for anybody interested to follow intermittent fasting or extended fasting protocols.


Full Scripts Pharmacy

Please click on this link to enter the Full scripts site and purchase your prescription.



            Meditation, Yoga and Qigong

Sessions to be added in the next few months. Stay tuned.