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Medical Weight Loss

Indrani Raman, MD -  - Holistic Medicine

Excel Health MD

Indrani Raman, MD

Weight loss doctor, holistic medicine and nephrologist in located in Murphy, TX & Rockwall, TX

Obesity is a growing epidemic in adults and children all over the world. Indrani Raman, MD, provides patient-focused, personalized medical weight loss programs at Excel Health MD, in Murphy and Rockwall, Texas. If you’re tired of struggling to lose weight on your own, schedule an appointment with Dr. Raman by calling Excel Health MD or by making an appointment online.

Medical Weight Loss Q & A

Why is it important to maintain a healthy weight?

When you think about your weight, you might focus on fitting into your jeans or looking slim for a special event. However, your weight is a critical factor in your overall health and wellness. Your weight contributes to your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, several types of cancer, and arthritis. 

Additionally, the changes you make to lose weight and keep it off have health benefits beyond lowering the number that you see on the scale. 

What’s included in a medical weight loss program?

At Excel Health MD, Dr. Raman provides highly personalized weight loss programs incorporating traditional and integrative treatments to help you lose weight and keep it off. 

Some of the services included in your weight loss program include:

Body composition analysis

Dr. Raman provides the assessment of  the makeup of your body, including your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and more. This test provides a good foundation for your weight loss journey and allows you to track your progress. 

Genetic testing

Dr. Raman uses genetic testing to enhance her understanding of your precise biological needs for successful weight loss. She can see how your body uses certain nutrients, which allows her to provide a highly customized weight loss plan. 

Customized menu planning

When you’re trying to change the habits of a lifetime, a personalized meal plan helps reduce the decisions that you have to make. Dr. Raman can provide guidance for low carb, Keto and anti-inflammatory meal plans that works for you. 

Meal replacement products

While Dr. Raman encourages you to eat nutritious, whole foods, you may benefit from the convenience of meal replacement products in a low carb or ketogenic diet. Dr. Raman offers protein bars, smoothies, drinks, and snack replacements.

Lipotropic injections

Dr. Raman offers injections to boost your energy, increase your metabolism, and facilitate fat burning as part of weight loss programs. 

What are the benefits of medical weight loss?

It is not just having a calorie deficit or just cutting out carbs or fat. Everybody has a different metabolism and responds differently to each macronutrient. 

Dr. Raman does an assessment of your body composition, personal eating habits and behavioral patterns and looks for other health conditions and genetic factors that can influence your weight to create a medical weight loss program to help you through those obstacles. She also provides health coaching to help you stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey.

If you’re ready to lose weight and improve your health, call Excel Health MD or make an appointment online.